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I’m a face magician
Want moar plz.
Glad I went. I feel so energized.
I need to keep going… even when shit goes wrong this should be my escape…
I want le french fries…
Is this clean?…
One order of two pancakes (served on what pizza is served on), 2 eggs 2 bacon strips 2 sausage links home fries, and western omelette (onion, green pepper, ham, cheese) and home fries. 
Hidden gems are usually a city’s best.
Front not swole :-(
Omg I look like a creepy lady meathead
Did legs today so I wouldn’t need to tomorrow…
Wide stance squat
Leg extension
Leg curl
-447 cal. And already know I won’t be able to walk tomorrow:-/ haha
I love awkward angles.
Little red dress.